About Lower Strata

In this blog I’ll try to write a bit about things in the intersection of what interests me, and what might be useful for others. Perhaps it can also act as a kind of technical design diary, but we’ll see how this goes. I’ll try to also occasionally write a short review on a product or service that I think deserves to be written about.

While I do have a lot of interesting stories about real life product development, I won’t be sharing those through this medium (NDAs and such). So do not expect great commercial secrets :-) or even minor ones.

About me

I’ve been working in the IT-industry in Finland for the past 25 or so years doing various things but mainly my areas of interest are networking, infosec, protocol design, systems and embedded programming, Linux and various design problems that are related to systems with physical or cost restraints.

If I’ll ever get personal business cards again, the title on them will be “Inquisitive Tricknologist”. Perhaps in Comic Sans or Monotype’s Brush Script.

I’m available for consulting through my employer (Rakettitiede Oy). My opinions in this blog are my own however.

Tools and software

I mostly do my spare time projects using Linux and tools that can be used from Linux. This does not preclude commercial or closed source software, if I know that they work better for something. Better will always be subjective.

Project articles will have their own lists of additional equipment used, but this is a list of stuff that I use for pretty much everything:

  • Ubuntu 16.04, on an i7-6700 desktop system (integrated graphics) with Samsung SSD 950 PRO
  • HID: Turtle Beach Impact 500 & Logitech M-U0007
  • Audio: Superlux HD-668 B & Soundcloud (I used to very much like AKGs until multiple mechanical failures)
  • git & gitk
  • Sublime Text (personal license)

Contact information

Should the commenting facility used by the blog not suit you, please see my previous iteration of personal Internet presence or your local friendly search engine.

Written by Aleksandr Koltsoff